Tari Tari 01

Just a cat being a cat.

I needed no more than five minutes to realize that I’m going to watch this show to the very last episode. Great scenarios, detailed objects and backgrounds, beautiful characters… My eyes are pleased to gaze at such combination of elements. It couldn’t have left a better first impression, and since I love slices, this is surely going to be one of my favourites.

I hold high expectations for that combination of characters they’ve got there. With five different personalities, hopefully the story will take advantage of this strenght and create some interesting and unique events. Also, this show resembles Hanasaku Iroha in every single aspect, another reason for me to say I’m gonna love it from the very beginning.

Next up: YuruYuri.

Ps.: I’m reconsidering the idea of changing how my publications work here. More on this subject later.