Sankarea 12 [SEMI-FINAL]

Sis Fist.

Yeah, semi-final because the last episode will take the fucking eternity to be released. Speaking of which, it seems like Furuya has just lost his chances to live a long life… Poor Ranko, why were you so nice to Rea? See what she did? If you don’t wanna lose, please play your cards right! It’s almost like I’m rooting for Ranko, but I’m actually rooting for both, I’m also glad that Rea took some initiative.

I don’t know if I want to write a review of Sankarea anytime soon , it feels incomplete because well, it is. I guess I’ll just wait for that last episode, watch everything once again and then write a view. If for some reason you want my opinion about this anime… watch it, just watch, it’s awesome. Oh, that OVA is still up, sooner or later I’ll write about it here.


Sankarea 11

It’s like her ass hypnotized me and I can’t look away.

Ranko, this way you’re gonna kill me… Well, not if Rea licks me first, giving me the “half-zombie” infection. By the way, I’m completely fine with this situation and I’m sure I’d enjoy it all, both the infection and the licking. Not necessarily in that order, though.

I love how this episode was twisted. Two maids dressing Rea in costumes for fun while her father puts a sword through Furuya’s body in an attempt to kill him. Then Rea arrives at the dojo, they talk, the youg couple indirectly declare their love to each other and Rea’s father sort of comprehends his mistakes. Now let’s not waste those two maids’ hard work and enjoy a couple of awesome pictures. Shall we? Continue reading

Sankarea 10

How is it possible to be a PEDO with a woman like that in your bed? Dainchirou… If you were not 2D fiction, I’d kill you myself.

We’re now back to the main story and this episode was somewhat not what I was expecting, but still good. Just like the “all about Mero” episode, this was an “all about Aria and Dainchirou”, except that it actually added relevant information to the show… What I didn’t expect was an episode of flashbacks and timeskips.

Since I’m on the subject… mother of timeskip WHAT WAS THAT? I know the story itself didn’t suffer any timeskip, but Aria and her storytelling had plenty. Let me try to enumerate what happened and fill in the blanks left by each timeskip with my vast, useless and highly doubtful knowledge. Continue reading

Sankarea 09

What’s been said cannot be unsaid.

This was the best filler episode ever made. Don’t get me wrong, I like beach episodes and those other nonsense things they always stuff in the show that has nothing to do with the story and all, but this is a whole better way of doing fillers.

I was patiently waiting for Mero’s friends to show up sometime and today was the day. I mean, this wasn’t the first time I got to see them, but this sure was the first time they had more than a few seconds of screen time and conversations going beyond “Hi”. I also learned that I was wrong in my last post when I went all out about they not knowing that Rea was a zombie. I either didn’t pay attention to this fact before or it was some ninja timeskip there. Continue reading

Sankarea 08

HD@60FPS? Filming zombies is serious business, my friend.

I’ll just write something quick here because I don’t want this episode to go unnoticed and because this would be my first post about Sankarea… Anyway, let’s get to it.

We had Furuya – the cameraman – filming Rea just like always. Maybe he went a little too far by filming her during dinner but hey, who am I to judge? If I had a zombie living under my roof I wouldn’t know exactly what to do either. OK, if it were a zombie like Rea I definitely know what I would do, I’d study her body just like Furuya does, but I’d do a more in-depth study if you know what I mean.

What I found strange is that she was dining with the whole family like nothing was wrong. While the old man is already crazy and nobody cares about it, it’s sort of weird to have Rea eating hydrangea leafs in front of everybody. I mean, she is acting like a vegetarian but even crazy veganists won’t eat poisonous stuff. Continue reading