Nazo no Kanojo 13 [FINAL]


I just had to watch it first… Some people said “Nah, this wasn’t a proper last episode” and I say fuck you. I do agree that it could have been better but how could I ignore their kissing drool swapping in front of Tsubaki mother’s grave? How? That scene was so epic that made me cry… after laughing uncontrollably for quite some time. So much win.

I’m definitely reading the manga, and I’ve already added a notification to remind me about the future release of its OVA. Now if you excuse me, I have a few other last episodes to watch and plenty of new animes to check. This summer season is looking pretty damn good.


Nazo no Kanojo 12

I love this outfit, one day I’ll have a girl wear it for me.

Yet another impressive episode, holy shit how is this even possible? Urabe is finally cracking  the shell around her heart and letting herself feel emotions. This is awesome in so many ways, for starters it’s a reflex of Tsubaki endless patience and self-control. There aren’t many people out there willing to put so much effort to build a relationship with such problematic girl.

The best thing about this episode is how their way of showing affection changed. Up to now, Tsubaki could never make physical contact with Urabe, to a point where his excuses for not touching her were actually his way of showing affection, rather than a way of escaping the relationship. When he hurt himself again for the sake of “keeping his hands off of her” right after being hurt because he hugged her, it was the time for Urabe to think about what is it they want to accomplish as a couple.

I love how this shows develops, and given the fact we have only one last episode, it was about freaking time they worked out some of their problems. The next episode won’t take long to air, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Nazo no Kanojo 11

Do people actually do this, for real? I’ve only seen this in movies and stuff.

Man this was so… so… I’d say awesome but this word is not strong enough to describe it. Let me try epic. Seriously, whatever I write, it won’t be enough. Naked bodies? Sure. Scissors? Of course. Drool? Plenty. Nosebleed? You bet. Urabe losing control after tasting Hayakawa’s drool? Probably the best scene. And that lucky bastard even got to see both girls naked. What else is left?

Now you ask me “what is it about this episode that is so awesome? You say a bunch of stuff that I can find on porn if you give me the liberty to swap drool for something very similar to it in both appearance and texture.” I’m gonna show you how good it was with pics. Lots of them. Continue reading

Nazo no Kanojo X 10

Congratulations on whatever you have achieved recently.

Good stuff, lots of it, and I’m not talking about drool… Oh who am I kidding, of course it has everything to do with drool. Have I ever said this show has the power to transform normal situations into something completely different and interesting? I guess so, and I still believe this is the best this show can offer us. It sure feels nice to watch a show with a different approach for every single cliché out there.

So, in this episode they had Tsubaki’s old crush play the bitch role, which is something that only happens with guys who already have girlfriends. I don’t know if this works out in your countries, but here in Brazil, your chances of getting laid with different women increases when you put a ring on your finger. Now, think about Beyoncé and repeat mentally after me: ‘Cause if you liked it, I think you shoulda put a ring on it. Now you can’t take it off of your mind. Continue reading

Nazo no Kanojo X 09

I get dizzy just by looking at it.

So I watched this episode and… it was somehow weird. I know, this show excels in being weird but it was weird in a way I can’t put into words. Well, there is one word that comes to mind: hair.

That said, I’ll just speak through pictures, or let them speak for me, whatever. Continue reading

Nazo no Kanojo X 08

I wanted to be sleeping right now but nooooo, here I am writing.

Not that you care, but I’m writing this post at 03:00 AM because I simply can’t sleep before writing something about this episode. I just finished my post on Sankarea and said to myself “Hey, let’s watch NazoKano 08 just to relax and then it’s bedtime”. I was wrong, completely wrong. What a hell of a good episode.

It’s definitely awesome how this show plays with normal situations and twists them to fit all the drooling. I must confess it took me some getting used to at first but now it’s all good, and the unique way of presenting the romance between Urabe and Tsubaki is what makes me watch this show. If it were just another romance, I’d probably still watch it, but not with all my might.

When the episode started out with some boobies I knew that good stuff was about to come and thankfully it turned out to be true. Now let’s jump to the important stuff, shall we? Continue reading