Natsuiro Kiseki 12 [FINAL]

True friendship is hard to find these days.

This was waaaaaay better than the “Endless Eight”, but the reason for this is quite simple: it didn’t last for eight episodes, and some of those flashes didn’t last even for eight seconds. Oh, they didn’t have a memory reset after each day either, they could do different things and remember later. I need this power, like, NOW.

It wasn’t a very special last episode, everything happened according to keikaku what I expected: they put an end to the endless summer break, moved on with their lives and wished to be bffs. But it was pretty good in my opinion, it couldn’t have been different… The last impression this anime leaves is happiness, not sadness.

I’m definitely writing a review later, and it will be formated like all other reviews around here. No technical bullshit, just what it feels like watching the show.


Natsuiro Kiseki 11

The judge who asked Yuka to lift her bangs must be that teacher from A Channel who has a thing for foreheads…

I honestly wasn’t expecting Yuka to freak out right before the audition because she was always the most confident, but you see the same pattern everywhere… you need a big event to bring a big person to her knees. In the end they failed the audition, but if the judges saw the same thing I did, there was no way my girls or any other person could pass. I won’t comment for now about how this show manages to both amaze and fuck up regarding visual aspects, I’ll leave it for a future review.

Oh, and what about people doing stuff in places like a park or the street, is it really like this out there? I can barely talk on the phone if there is someone is next to me… Well, whatever, right now I’m really looking forward to the last episode because the preview brought back memories of Suzumiya Haruhi and the “Endless Eight”. Not the best memories, but remarkable anyway.

Natsuiro Kiseki 10

I ask you, how many different people are there in this picture?

Sadly the season’s end is near, and Natsuiro Kiseki has only two more episodes before the girls say goodbye to Saki, and we say goodbye to all of them. But we’re still up for another performance of our future idols, and this can only be good. I like their voice, and I hope they will perform a different song than “Non stop road” or “Ashita e no Kaerimichi”.

So, this episode we could see both the loli and grown up versions of them together. That’s something cool, you don’t have the chance to see your future (or past) self every day. The most interesting though was to see that the rock can grant long-term wishes. And here I was thinking “Hey, did the rock just lag there?” but by the end of the episode I understood what had happened. Continue reading

Natsuiro Kiseki 09

You shouldn’t point things to other people. I’m talking about the finger, not the nipples.

Blame The Big Bang Theory season 5 for lack of publications here. These two days I didn’t  post anything because I was watching a few episodes of it and delayed even more other animes I wanted to watch. Anyway, let’s get to NatsuKise 09.

Well, I was fooled by Ko-chan. I though she was a guy just like the four girls. This isn’t much of a problem because believing that a girl is a guy is not so problematic than the opposite. I seriously hate traps and try to do my best to not be fooled by them.

Also, I knew this episode would be the one to convince Natsumi she shouldn’t be against Saki moving to the island, I just didn’t know how. I guess having the whole island holding high expectations for Saki’s father moving in and being so nice people had a lot more impact than if they just tried to make them feel sorry. Continue reading