Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! 01

I never see what I am supposed to when people point fingers.

Well, those girls surely are straightforward and I appreciate that… I was surprised to see two different girls trying to kiss Shougo in so little time. Also, he seems to be a lot less gay than most harem protagonists, he likes boobs and if he hadn’t just inherited his father’s company, I’m sure he would have kissed Konoe. Sadly he has to think and choose wisely his girl, there is simply too much at stake for him. He can’t pick a gold digger.

What I did like to see is that Shougo has his private room, I can see where this might be going and I like it. The only problem is censorship: this anime seems to be so bright and light-colored, yet they chose black to censor some panties. It’s bad, but we can always rely on Blu-Rays for our full enjoyment experience. Except when they fuck up the BD releases like Hidan no Aria, but let’s not think negatively.