Kokoro Connect 01

This scene was pretty funny, and a rare case where it gets even funnier after some explanation.

I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot from this show, but I guess I was wrong. For an obvious reason, I thought it would be something like K-On, but thankfully it’s was a lot more than five girls doing nothing but drinking tea at the club room. I also like when the main group of characters has someone whose personality stands out, and I’m obviously talking about the computer girl.

They’ve got a nice mix of characters there, and it’s great that some of them don’t hit it off so easily. I seriously don’t know where this is going or how the event of swapping souls will be exploited, but I’m hoping to see new stuff here and this show may be able to deliver it. Oh, highlights for what I believe to be the perfect imouto… More on her in the future, if she ever gets featured.