Joshiraku 01

Think about a plausible explanation yourselves.

This anime portrays exactly my mind at work. Not serious work, but when I’m bored or when I’m writing these posts… I simply start with an idea and try to find connections with everything else I know and BAM, I’m in a weird place, just like they started discussing “casual clothing” and ended up with a naked girl.

The show has jokes everywhere and it’s pretty hard to understand if you don’t know a good deal of japanese. Those puns are hard to translate while keeping the same or close to the original meaning, and just this episode had several puns. I myself couldn’t grasp a couple of jokes, but I’ll keep trying. That’s new to me, I’m actually making an effort to laugh but I’ve already said that you don’t need too much to make me even giggle.

Oh, thumbs up for a catchy ED.