Jinrui wa Sutai Shimashita 02

Like a boss.

Yeah, I still can’t believe my eyes. Just for the sake of observation, I tried to put myself as a third person analyzing my behaviour while I watched this anime, and my considerations about me aren’t pretty. I guess it’s safe to say that whoever wrote this story was high, and if I was supposed to understand something from those sequences of frames, I failed completely.

Hey, I’m a guy who likes challenges… You’re gonna need more than chickens trying to conquer the world, holes appearing on the floor out of nowhere, super strong self-conscious hair and all this sort of nonsense to make me give up on watching this. I’m strong, I can do it, I’ll bear the pain in my nerves trying to find a meaning in all this.


Jinrui wa Sutai Shimashita 01

This picture cannot be explained.

What the flying fuck did I just watch? Holy moly! This anime might just fall into the category “So bad it’s good”.

I need to watch the second episode just to know exactly what kind of fuck up I’m getting into. I didn’t understand a thing, but that’s probably for the best of my mental sanity. At least the opening song is by nano.RIPE so even if it turns out to be “so bad it’s bad”, it can’t suck 100%.