Hyouka 10

What? What what? What what what? ~

Meh… Maybe if I knew earlier that there would be a seventh character, I might have solved the mystery, but it’s no excuse because all the necessary facts were there from the very start. I think it was a pretty decent twist, if it were a real movie with proper actors and all, I’d probably like that unpredictable touch and say it was a movie worth my time and money. Probably.

Anyway, I guess we all knew that Oreki would change at some point. He is still reluctant though, and I don’t see why people would want to change him. Well, sometimes a person must change to fit in a small group of friends, society or environment, and that’s exactly the case here. Maybe not if he met Irisu before Chitanda, but we will never know.

Right now I’m wondering why Ibara brought up that detail about the rope not being mentioned anywhere in the movie… I can’t exactly understand the implications. Maybe there was a seventh, unknown character who was hunting them down and they’d use the rope to escape from the second floor? I’m sure it’s not the case, but I really can’t think of anything… DAMN!


Hyouka 09

Daijoubu desu yo… Dai-jou-bu~!

This was probably the week of fillers… The whole episode was about those three guys and their terrible theories, which added nothing to the story. At least we had a drunk and moe Chitanda, when the hick-ups started and she got all fired up I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. This was probably the only episode I’ve ever watched where a drunk character was actually funny and not disgusting!

There was a pretty cool joke that I think some people didn’t get because it simply can’t be translated. When the third girl went into the room, she greeted them with “Ciao!”, which is italian for either “hello” or “bye”. Then Chitanda answered, but instead of saying “Ciao!”, she said “Chou desu.”, which is japanese for “I’m a butterfly”. The confusion here is because “ciao” and “chou” have similar pronunciation, but if you add alcohol to the equation, you have a joke.

So I’m still waiting to know how good or bad my theory is because it’s definitely better than the ones presented here… hopefully I’ll know the answer in the next week’s episode. Now I’ll finish some personal stuff and hope to get back on track with Sankarea and Acchi Kocchi, these posts are really, really delayed.

Hyouka 08

Just some dancin’

ARGH! I’m either stupid or there is simply no way to infer who is the culprit after watching just that piece of video. They say it is possible, but I can’t, I just can’t see how. I honestly stared at those scenes over and over, looking for some clue but every time I thought “Hey, this might be it!” I watched again and ended up wrong.

Since I couldn’t come up with a solution to the problem, I’ll just write down facts. To be honest, I didn’t think of this before writing the post so I might get to a conclusion by the end of it. If I do, I’ll be contradicting myself on the first paragraph. I don’t care, I hope I can contradict myself. Continue reading

Hyouka 07

Her smile is awesome.

And here I was thinking this anime would be all about putting pieces of a different puzzle together presented to me every single episode. I love it when I’m wrong in my early interpretations, right now the anime just got a lot better because Hamtaro Houtarou started seeing Chitanda with other eyes. I just hope he won’t be any gayer than he already is.

It is clear that Chitanda is the solution for all of Houtarou’s problems: she is “colorful”, while Houtarou should be invisible, even black is too much of a color for him. And because of her insatiable curiosity, he is capable of entertaining her by only using his thinking head. Just imagine when he starts using both… Continue reading

Hyouka 06

Kininarimasu~! x9999

I am confused about this show right now. In fact, every anime which finishes what I believe to be its main story (the anthology thing) too early confuses me… This is a clear evidence that I am still a n00b who doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. But this is my blog and you can’t help but read all my crap. That’s your problem, not mine. /trollface

Anyway, I won’t get into many details with this episode because I don’t want an in-depth discussion of any of the mysteries that Chitanda is interested. The only highlight here is how the hell a teacher mistakes the handwritten lower case letters “a” and “d”? I, as a western  male on his twenties, cannot conceive this idea because these two letters are simply different by a freaking long vertical dash. Well, I fuck up on kanji and can’t even memorize the katakana so…

I’ll just finish this post here because this was only an excuse to publish the picture above. Natsuiro Kiseki is up next on the watching list, so it might be the subject of my next post.