Campione! 01

A girl suddenly kisses a normal guy who just used a rock to defeat a god. That’s how you make girls wet.

This would be just another day at the office anime with the same old crap about boys and girls and a relationship that never happens etc etc, but if this first episode isn’t deceiving me, there’s good stuff on the way. The sad part of it all: 99% of first episodes are deceiving, and the same goes to statistics made up out of the blue like this one.

As always, I’m a believer… That’s probably my greatest weakness, I can’t help it. This episode was downright awesome, but surely not what we are going to see from the second one onwards… Maybe, just maybe I’m wrong. I plead to all gods in Campione, let me be wrong once again, Erica is just too hot to be wasted in a bad anime.