I’m not done. Not yet.

She needs something better to brush her teeth. I’ve got just the right thing.

I’ve disappeared once again, but there’s a good reason. No, there isn’t, but still… The thing is, this past season I had 5 translation projects to work on, so I was basically dealing with few animes for a long time + going back and forth on three different languages. By the end of a script, I was already tired of anime and just wanted to do anything else. This explains my DotA2 profile and its hundreds of hours played in so little time.

But now that summer season is finally sadly over, I’ll probably go back to dealing with two or three projects a week and maybe, just maybe there will be days when writing won’t be a burden. Fuck, I didn’t even watch everything I wanted. Seriously, my intention was something around 15 shows, but I’ve been following only 4. At least you can expect a few reviews coming soon™.