Acchi Kocchi 12 [FINAL]

I wish she was a pet I could put in my pocket. Or maybe a cat annoying me while I’m trying to get stuff done. I surely wouldn’t mind that.

Original (pt-br)

[01:41] <jihox> cacete
[01:42] <jihox> que cena em acchi kocchi
[01:42] <jihox> a loli saiu debaixo de chuva e frio só pra pegar o chocolate de valentine’s day pro carinha
[01:42] <jihox> se não acontecer nada
[01:42] <jihox> vou xingar muito no twitter
[01:44] <jihox> VAI TOMAR NO CÚ
[01:44] <jihox> FILHO DA PUTA

Translation (en)

[01:41] <jihox> fuck
[01:42] <jihox> what a scene in acchi kocchi
[01:42] <jihox> the loli went out under the cold and rain just to take a valentine’s day chocolate for a guy
[01:42] <jihox> if nothing happens
[01:42] <jihox> I’m gonna do a lot of cursing on twitter (this is a brazilian meme)
[01:44] <jihox> GO FUCK YOURSELF
[01:44] <jihox> SON OF A BITCH

It’s not that I hated that scene, I just wanted something more to happen… But still, their mutual demonstration of love obfuscated by tsun-ness was great to watch.

I’m so gonna miss this show, this is the kind of anime that simply makes me laugh without trying so hard. Up next: the new season (hopefully).


Acchi Kocchi 11

I think Hime-chan is the cutest here.

I actually watched this episode twice. Besides being fun and all, I learned something! I had no clue about what was that dish Sakaki was referring to, and when I googled it I discovered the name of an animal (or whatever the hell this is), something I thought only existed around here. Holy shit do people eat this? It has a horrible smell, terrible aspects and hides deep in the sand, probably ashamed of its own nature…

I can perfectly understand how Io feels about mosquitoes, I hate them with all my might too. Fuck these little flying and annoying bastards trying to suck my blood like a vampire and playing bad music when I’m sleeping. In fact, I always leave those little inoffensive spiders alive just so they can catch some of them… I’m not sure if it works, but I like to believe so.

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Acchi Kocchi 10

This post from now on will have the word PEDOBEAR after every nine words, and it has already started.

PEDOBEAR Mayoi, you are my inspiration, I shall learn from PEDOBEAR you all things. Please, would you be my master, PEDOBEAR Mayoi? I seriously laughed when she gave Hime-chan a PEDOBEAR thrill, but I don’t think that was how a PEDOBEAR situation like that would develop. It was an obvious PEDOBEAR prank, even for Hime.

Well, sometimes pranks are not PEDOBEAR successfull but you end up laughing about the fail PEDOBEAR situation… Of course this didn’t apply for Sakaki when PEDOBEAR someone crushed his ribs accidentally , but since it was PEDOBEAR him, we are good. Oh, as always we had PEDOBEAR Io melting some hearts, starting nosebleeds and shit. I’m PEDOBEAR sick of mentioning them, so I’ll just end this PEDOBEAR post.

Acchi Kocchi 09

3D Girls Can’t Be This Cute!

I have a question for you people because I’m not sure about the answer: what are the chances of a girl falling for a man capable of doing housework better than herself? Like cleaning or cooking… because if the answer is “a lot”, I must learn again how to be a man from scratch. Or maybe right now I just like the wrong female characters and everything will be back to normal by the end of the month when a new season starts.

So, this episode had some surprises and an unusual sort of fanservice. I can easily find all kinds of boy fetishes regarding girls wearing (or not) glasses, but honestly, the other way around is quite rare. Poor Tsumiki, couldn’t resist the guy she loves in a suit without his glasses and sharing his fears of wearing lenses. In my opinion, that was just gay of him… but let’s move on. Continue reading

Acchi Kocchi 08

I wish I could kill Io sometimes. YOU SHALL NOT TROLL MY TSUMIKI, YOU BASTARD!

I never get tired of my cute little Tsun-miki neko. When her cat ears pop out I know it’s dere-dere time and just in this episode it happened three or four times. Please, keep them coming, I appreciate it very much.

As always, Tsumiki and Hime are pwned by Io’s most sincere compliments and I never get tired of that. What I did note is that Mayoi has grown stronger to the nosebleed attacks and is not affected by them anymore. I still remember that episode when Io had all girls in his class (the whole school maybe) bleeding enough through their noses to account for a whole period of menstruation in just a few seconds. Continue reading

Acchi Kocchi 07

Right now I’m trying to convince myself that she’s way more retarded than I am.

First, I want to say that I am retarded. I wrote a full post about this episode and accidentally deleted the whole thing while trying to update a single image! Then, when I learned about how to undo my fuck ups, I had already deleted the original version. Stupidity taken to the next level, I know.

Well, of course I won’t remember exactly how the post was written. I’ll just rewrite it using the same ideas I had and hope it will be somewhat like it was before. Continue reading