Accel World 13-16

For some reason I always laugh at this scene.

I know it’s been a while but hey, six translation projects + dealing with university stuff is just overwhelming. Someone’s gotta suffer, and sadly the chosen one was my beloved blog… I’m sorry bro. Or should I say sis? I mean, this is obviously a blog owned by a lolicon, there’s no reason why I should refer to it as a disgusting male character. Cute lolis are the true path towards salvation.

So, now I’m gonna talk about four episodes in a row, god knows how I’ll manage to do it without making you give up on reading by the fourth paragraph, if you didn’t give up already. Let’s get to them. Continue reading


Accel World 12

Yup, Silver Crow is awesome.

This episode was great in my opinion, we had fights and story development. We were told that Cherry Rook, now Spiderman Chrome Disaster, was actually Scarlet Rain’s Parent and that they were both uncertain about their future at the orphanage. He helped her to go through a lot but in the end she had to kill him… This should be tough to anyone.

I can already see where this is going, it was made very clear that the armour is now hidden in Haruyuki’s avatar, so we can expect it to take control over Silver Crow by the end of the anime. When that happens, shit is going to get serious because if Silver Crow alone was able to defeat the Chrome Disaster, just imagine how powerful they could be together… At least now we can say the Red Legion won’t be a problem, and they can surely count on Niko in the future.

Accel World 11

“They are so fast that we can’t even see them fighting”. Come on, I’m not buying this crap, let us see them fighting like bosses. Ops, I meant kings.

Less talk, more action. That’s what I’m talking about, finally an episode full of action like it should be… punches, stabs, amputation, electrification, explosions and all that shit we love to see in a good fight. Thumbs up to Cyan Pile for being awesome and make up for a freaking king that couldn’t even stand on its feet. Well, Snow Black’s avatar doesn’t have feet, but you get the point.

I think this one was good, but I can’t deny it was the perfect example of a shounen episode… They spent 25 minutes to advance a single step: the Chrome Disaster got to the Yellow King before Snow Black. Well, I’m OK with this slow development if I get to see massive destruction. I’m holding high expectations for the next episode, and they better be careful because that guy isn’t there to spread love in the battlefield.

Accel World 10

This pic makes me laugh when I think about them getting… intimate.

This is a late post (like any other post around here) but this episode had nothing interesting so it’s not that bad. Seriously, what happened? They talked about some stuff, the Little Red Riding Hood assumed that Snow Black is awesome and instead of fighting the Chrome Disaster, the Yellow King decided to pick a fight with them. That’s it. Oh, a few laughs over the girls deciding who would be carried by Silver Crow in his arms, that was the best part.

OK, there was another interesting thing I noticed. If Taku decides to offer the Brain Burst to Chiyu believing that their relationship will grow stronger just like Snow Black said, this is going to be the biggest mistake of his life. Right now, Piggy has two girls falling for him and Chiyu would simply be the third. Just how ironic this situation would be for the perfect guy…

Well, I just want to see what’s gonna happen in the future. I mean, every now and then Silver Crow promises or says something that can really fuck up his life when he gets to higher levels. It is clear that sometime a turn of events will put everything he said to proof. But for now, I’m awaiting the next episode, hopefully we’ll have a good fight. Show me what you can do, Sunrise.

Accel World 09

They treat each other like shit but end up like this. Real life, Y U NO LIKE DIS?

I won’t write a lot about this episode because…I simply can’t. Both Snow Black and Yukino trolled each other enough, they covered any jokes I could try to make about them. For that reason, this episode was certainly the funniest and the best part is that I got to translate it all and make some fine jokes in portuguese, like calling Yukino the Little Red Riding Hood. I also adapted all the cable talk to an intentionally ambiguous translation so it is both correct and funny.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait two weeks to know what’s gonna happen to Silver Crow when he faces the Chrome Disaster. That and how much Yukino is going to be thankful to him if he ever succeeds on his task… I can already see Snow Black dying of jealousy and piggy having second thoughts. This can only mean one thing: laughter.

Accel World 08


The harem is getting bigger. How come that chubby pig has so many beautiful girls around him? At least in Acchi Kocchi, Io has charisma, something Haruyuki lacks completely. No, don’t try telling me “hey, he is kind of cute” because he isn’t, even if you’re a girl and like the type of weak guy that can’t stand on his own. He is weird, disproportional and does most things wrong. His only good quality is being a nice guy which treasures his friendships.

Well, I gotta say I was almost fooled by the first half of the episode when I saw an adorable, funny and cute loli greeting piggy. I am glad I was thinking that way because when Haruyuki found out she was lying and flipped her personality switch, I had good laughs. Continue reading