I’m not done. Not yet.

She needs something better to brush her teeth. I’ve got just the right thing.

I’ve disappeared once again, but there’s a good reason. No, there isn’t, but still… The thing is, this past season I had 5 translation projects to work on, so I was basically dealing with few animes for a long time + going back and forth on three different languages. By the end of a script, I was already tired of anime and just wanted to do anything else. This explains my DotA2 profile and its hundreds of hours played in so little time.

But now that summer season is finally sadly over, I’ll probably go back to dealing with two or three projects a week and maybe, just maybe there will be days when writing won’t be a burden. Fuck, I didn’t even watch everything I wanted. Seriously, my intention was something around 15 shows, but I’ve been following only 4. At least you can expect a few reviews coming soon™.


Summer Season Summary

Need a hug?

Holy shit, I’ve written about fourteen different animes just regarding the summer season. That’s a lot of blogging, but as long as I’m enjoying this, I don’t care at all. Obviously I won’t keep this pace forever, if I do I’ll break my keyboard in a month… Which would be awesome, because what I’m using right now is terrible, I need a new one and I need it for yesterday.

Anyway, I’ll put my idea to work. Every two episodes or so, I’ll write a post with some “extensive” content, if you think that something around ten paragraphs is too much text. Of course, I might change my mind if I think that an episode deserves a quick update or else. What I’m saying is: there will be no schedule, no logic, I’ll just do as I please.

Also, next week I’ll be traveling for eight days straight and I’m not planning on doing anything anime, fansubbing or blogging related, I’ll just forget everything and get wasted in a city I don’t know with a bunch of friends. That said, I’ll use my time until sunday to prepare a few reviews and schedule them for publication throughout the next week.

Plans for the future

Pic (not so much) related. I’m gonna miss most of these girls.

Everyone is already talking about what are their plans for the next season… I’ll tag along and talk about my plans for this blog when July comes up.

First, a few things about the blog today. I still need to fix tags, categorization and background. That’s way overdue but I’ll take care of it, hopefully. Second, I decided to not include gifs on each post because a) I’m noob at making them and b) because of the previous reason, the front page was heavy like a rock. But I’ll keep trying and learning a few stuff about image and video editing, someday this idea might just be implemented again.

Regarding July, I’m thinking about changing how I do my stuff around here. Right now what I do is pick a few animes I like the most and talk about them forever. My creativity isn’t endless, after five or six posts about the same anime there are simply no more jokes to be done with the same characters. Also, there are animes I’m not featuring that I wish I was, but there isn’t enough time and inspiration for all of them. So this is what I plan to do… Continue reading

I’m improving… I think.

There is no way I’m missing the second season of Yuru Yuri.

There are a lot of games waiting on my Steam’s library to be played, lots of assignments to be done, and the only decent musical event in 365 days going on right now… Yet, today I spent most part of my time doing things to make this blog better: reorganizing widgets on the sidebar, creating a Facebook page, and designing a banner.

“Did you do that banner? It looks like shit!” Yeah, I know, this was the first time I have ever tried doing “advanced” picture editing. A few hours ago, I didn’t even know how to work with layers and vectors, and selections still confused me a little bit. But hey, creating the banner wasn’t the only thing I did today, the gif image on my previous post about Hyouka was also created using the same tools. By the way, it was GIMP 2.

I don’t want to bother with licenses right now, and since I am no pro, a free tool like GIMP is good enough for me. I’ll keep the improvements coming, next on the line is tagging and categorizing properly my posts, creating a page with a full index of animes I’ve ever mentioned here and, of course, a shiny background.

Not about anime

GIF not related.

I’m thinking about how I can make this blog look better without spending a single penny on it. First because I’m poor, second because I don’t know anything about CSS styling and shit, although I am a computer guy and I believe I can learn it quite fast. But I don’t want to, at least not now.

Anyway, there are four things I need to work on improvements here. Categorization, background, header and sidebar. Here is what I am doing for the next few days… Continue reading

I’m back. Wait, what? Again?!


Who are me?! Wait, you! Wait… WAT?!

Yeah, again. Fuck, how I miss writing my stuff here. Anyway, I’ll just talk random for now. And anime, of course.

I had no dependencies left from the past season so I decided to go hardcore (oh lol) and started following 16 shows. And I’ve been (trying to) follow them, at least the ones I consider the best. Continue reading

So long…

Close enough.

Close enough

Well, well… It’s been over three months since my last post here. I just didn’t feel like writing anymore mainly because of one reason: university.

Things started to get pretty ugly, I have good grades and to keep them that way, I must  prioritize studying over my hobbies sometimes. Of course I had time to do other things over the past three months, and I spent it doing what I like the most: playing DotA and Battlefield.

Since I wasn’t seriously following any animes, I decided to simply forget about the blog a little bit. But now I am free for another two months, a new season has just started and I managed to finish some stuff from the best anime season ever which I neglected. I know, I am that dumb.

I simply can’t describe how much I liked three animes in special: Fate Zero, Ben-To and C³. I also liked the other shows airing this past season, but those three were beyond awesome.

Fate Zero came as a well-written and directed story followed by awesome character desings, top notch animation and exciting background for each hero. It was a good season, I couldn’t wait for the next episode and I can’t wait for the second season now.

Ben-To surprised me because of its originality: fighting over a 50% off bento? Really? Fuck Yeah! This formula went so great, but of course it wasn’t the only good aspect about the show. Besides originality, every single fight was exciting, beautiful girls everywhere (except… you know, that big fat ugly lady whose name I forgot for good), the anime was funny even though one might get tired of the same jokes over and over.

Finally C³, undoubtedly the best anime this season. I thought Fate Zero was the best until I watched it. Fuck, the show had everything I could ask for: a few lolis, fan service, good fights, story and character development… I liked how the anime had some scenes like arm amputing or playing with someone’s organs and masochism combined with moe and jokes. How did they do that? If you told me about a show like this, I would say “it’s impossible, you can’t have those elements without making it look bad”. Well, C³ did it.

I will write something about those animes I’ve watched later, and in two weeks maybe I’ll write something about the new airing shows. I don’t like “first impression” posts because you just can’t tell what to expect from a single episode. Symphogear for example only told me that you can fight bad music with good music and I knew that already.