Dog Days` 02-06

A squirrel can’t be this cute!

This anime is everything I thought it would be. Silly fights that end up with naked women – or dogs, rabbits and whatever animal you can think of – plus a good deal of moe and that catching atmosphere of happiness. These are my weaknesses, and to top it all they have included a new loli for my enjoyment. I can’t ask for anything else.

So, the first thing I want to mention is, of course, Rebecca becoming a mage for the Pastillage nation. What the hell was that transformation? What’s up with Kuberu riding a magical carpet that looks like something inspired in Mario Kart + Aladin? Whatever, I liked it and I want to see more of these two. Continue reading


Oda Nobuna no Yabou 02-06

This slow-mo scene was simply awesome. Over 9000 points to you.

Here I was thinking this anime would be crap… Holy fuck, what a great animation. I’m truly amazed, everything is just so pretty and detailed that I often skip back and watch some scenes again. Also, those women are simply stunning, I can’t even pick my favourite. The story overall isn’t bad either, although some things are still left unexplained. But to be honest, I don’t really care.

The atmosphere isn’t as heavy as you’d expect from times of constant war, but I like it this way. The relationship between the monkey and all the girls is developing nicely, and he’s a far better harem protagonist than most other guys. His personality is the one of a pervert, which is awesome, and Nobuna is a fine tsun bitch. Thumbs up for all my lolis out there, you’re awesome too.

I won’t write much about these five episodes because I don’t know anything regarding the Sengoku Period or anything related to japanese history for the matter. Basically, there was a bunch of wars and decisive talks about alliances and stuff, which means that the historical approach really matters here. In short, we have the following equation: plot + harem + comedy + lolis = epic win.

Accel World 13-16

For some reason I always laugh at this scene.

I know it’s been a while but hey, six translation projects + dealing with university stuff is just overwhelming. Someone’s gotta suffer, and sadly the chosen one was my beloved blog… I’m sorry bro. Or should I say sis? I mean, this is obviously a blog owned by a lolicon, there’s no reason why I should refer to it as a disgusting male character. Cute lolis are the true path towards salvation.

So, now I’m gonna talk about four episodes in a row, god knows how I’ll manage to do it without making you give up on reading by the fourth paragraph, if you didn’t give up already. Let’s get to them. Continue reading

Jinrui wa Sutai Shimashita 02

Like a boss.

Yeah, I still can’t believe my eyes. Just for the sake of observation, I tried to put myself as a third person analyzing my behaviour while I watched this anime, and my considerations about me aren’t pretty. I guess it’s safe to say that whoever wrote this story was high, and if I was supposed to understand something from those sequences of frames, I failed completely.

Hey, I’m a guy who likes challenges… You’re gonna need more than chickens trying to conquer the world, holes appearing on the floor out of nowhere, super strong self-conscious hair and all this sort of nonsense to make me give up on watching this. I’m strong, I can do it, I’ll bear the pain in my nerves trying to find a meaning in all this.

Dog Days` 01

I wanna pet them.

Woot! I found the first season of Dog Days truly amazing, so I was really looking forward to this day! And it seems to be even better now that we have not two but three nations with their own heroes fighting each other. I’m just not sure if Rebecca can do anything fancy but hey, I don’t care, try to surprise me.

Again, the OP and ED songs are amazing, and I can’t wait for Millhiore to perform in public. The anime still has the same friendly atmosphere as before, where they aren’t really enemies but simply having fun by taking different sides in a “fighting” competition. Also, I love when Eclair plays tsundere because dogs are anything but sincere… Her face might be of a tsun, but her tail will always be all dere.

Joshiraku 01

Think about a plausible explanation yourselves.

This anime portrays exactly my mind at work. Not serious work, but when I’m bored or when I’m writing these posts… I simply start with an idea and try to find connections with everything else I know and BAM, I’m in a weird place, just like they started discussing “casual clothing” and ended up with a naked girl.

The show has jokes everywhere and it’s pretty hard to understand if you don’t know a good deal of japanese. Those puns are hard to translate while keeping the same or close to the original meaning, and just this episode had several puns. I myself couldn’t grasp a couple of jokes, but I’ll keep trying. That’s new to me, I’m actually making an effort to laugh but I’ve already said that you don’t need too much to make me even giggle.

Oh, thumbs up for a catchy ED.

Binbougami ga! 01

I recommend you watch this scene fame by frame. It’s hilarious.

The most fortunate girl in the world and the god of misfortune… I’ll bite. The first episode was very mindfucking interesting and had some fine jokes, even though you don’t need a lot to make me laugh. This anime has no commitment with reality whatsoever, and any situation can be exaggerated to a point where you laugh not necessarily because it’s funny, but because it’s completely absurd.

I just have some problems accepting the fact she is a fortunate girl who sucks the fortune of everyone else. Indirectly, the people close to her who become unfortunate also affects her. But hey, who am I to think about logic in a show like this? Fuck logic, make me laugh already. Oh, and I loved the ending.