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Male, Brazilian, born in 1991, currently working as the “IT guy” at I-Conecta Networks, an ISP in Brazil that offers internet over UTP cable and wireless. We also have optical fiber (FTTH) offering internet, VoIP, and IPTV. My hobbies are pretty much only two: gaming and translating. I haven’t played many games ever since I began to work, so it leaves me with translation alone. I am a fansubber, and I translate around three anime episodes every week, from Japanese to Portuguese. Yes, I like studying languages more than I like my job, but sadly, my hobby doesn’t pay quite as well as my job actually does.

I’m not done. Not yet.

She needs something better to brush her teeth. I’ve got just the right thing.

I’ve disappeared once again, but there’s a good reason. No, there isn’t, but still… The thing is, this past season I had 5 translation projects to work on, so I was basically dealing with few animes for a long time + going back and forth on three different languages. By the end of a script, I was already tired of anime and just wanted to do anything else. This explains my DotA2 profile and its hundreds of hours played in so little time.

But now that summer season is finally sadly over, I’ll probably go back to dealing with two or three projects a week and maybe, just maybe there will be days when writing won’t be a burden. Fuck, I didn’t even watch everything I wanted. Seriously, my intention was something around 15 shows, but I’ve been following only 4. At least you can expect a few reviews coming soon™.


Dog Days` 02-06

A squirrel can’t be this cute!

This anime is everything I thought it would be. Silly fights that end up with naked women – or dogs, rabbits and whatever animal you can think of – plus a good deal of moe and that catching atmosphere of happiness. These are my weaknesses, and to top it all they have included a new loli for my enjoyment. I can’t ask for anything else.

So, the first thing I want to mention is, of course, Rebecca becoming a mage for the Pastillage nation. What the hell was that transformation? What’s up with Kuberu riding a magical carpet that looks like something inspired in Mario Kart + Aladin? Whatever, I liked it and I want to see more of these two. Continue reading

Oda Nobuna no Yabou 02-06

This slow-mo scene was simply awesome. Over 9000 points to you.

Here I was thinking this anime would be crap… Holy fuck, what a great animation. I’m truly amazed, everything is just so pretty and detailed that I often skip back and watch some scenes again. Also, those women are simply stunning, I can’t even pick my favourite. The story overall isn’t bad either, although some things are still left unexplained. But to be honest, I don’t really care.

The atmosphere isn’t as heavy as you’d expect from times of constant war, but I like it this way. The relationship between the monkey and all the girls is developing nicely, and he’s a far better harem protagonist than most other guys. His personality is the one of a pervert, which is awesome, and Nobuna is a fine tsun bitch. Thumbs up for all my lolis out there, you’re awesome too.

I won’t write much about these five episodes because I don’t know anything regarding the Sengoku Period or anything related to japanese history for the matter. Basically, there was a bunch of wars and decisive talks about alliances and stuff, which means that the historical approach really matters here. In short, we have the following equation: plot + harem + comedy + lolis = epic win.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

I had to pause this scene and take my time to laugh.

I guess every one who work with texts has the same problem: writing the first paragraph. All the words and ideas you want to tell the reader are there, at the tip of your fingers just waiting to be typed, but you can’t find that first word. That’s why most writers begin their texts with something superfluous. Pure incompetence and total lack of creativity.

I’m clearly not that kind of person, what you’re going to read are my thoughts about the anime Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, and of course I’ll stay on the subject. For example, I’ll start by stating the fact that every single episode has a “mystery” in its name, but such thing is nowhere to be found on any episode. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s misleading anyway.
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Accel World 13-16

For some reason I always laugh at this scene.

I know it’s been a while but hey, six translation projects + dealing with university stuff is just overwhelming. Someone’s gotta suffer, and sadly the chosen one was my beloved blog… I’m sorry bro. Or should I say sis? I mean, this is obviously a blog owned by a lolicon, there’s no reason why I should refer to it as a disgusting male character. Cute lolis are the true path towards salvation.

So, now I’m gonna talk about four episodes in a row, god knows how I’ll manage to do it without making you give up on reading by the fourth paragraph, if you didn’t give up already. Let’s get to them. Continue reading

Sakamichi no Apollon

Just doin’ some noise.

So, people said this anime was something about jazz. I’m no expert on the subject of music but there were some drums, piano, sax and stuff being played practically on every single episode. This tells just half of the story though, the anime has a lot more to offer than good music.

The other half would be the relationship between Kaoru, Sentaro, Ritsuko and the people around them, mainly Junichi and Yurika. Like any good josei anime, their relationship is incredibly complicated and described in details, always trying to make you feel the characters’ emotions in your skin. And I must say, it worked with me.
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Jinrui wa Sutai Shimashita 02

Like a boss.

Yeah, I still can’t believe my eyes. Just for the sake of observation, I tried to put myself as a third person analyzing my behaviour while I watched this anime, and my considerations about me aren’t pretty. I guess it’s safe to say that whoever wrote this story was high, and if I was supposed to understand something from those sequences of frames, I failed completely.

Hey, I’m a guy who likes challenges… You’re gonna need more than chickens trying to conquer the world, holes appearing on the floor out of nowhere, super strong self-conscious hair and all this sort of nonsense to make me give up on watching this. I’m strong, I can do it, I’ll bear the pain in my nerves trying to find a meaning in all this.