Hello fellow visitors! As you can see this blog is all about my experience with animes. I don’t consider myself an expert in the subject given the fact I started this hobby in 2010.

Most people with the same hobby or who simply like watching animes often don’t know what to pick. Even if they have a preferred genre, it is still hard to know if a title is worth watching or not.

But with all the information available on the web, it should be easy right? And it is. Just look for the synopsis of your potential choices and choose the one you liked the most. If you are the picky kind, you might want to take a look on more detailed information like the studio in charge, participating seiyuus and all that stuff that has influence into making an anime. You might even want to read a few reviews from random people around the web like me.

Well I tried doing it everytime I had to pick my next anime. What I can tell you from my experience: you’ll never have enough information to find a 100% matching anime for your standards. And it gets worse, sometimes you don’t like what you researched and decide not to watch but, actually, the anime is good and you would enjoy it, more than you think.

It is because of misleading synopsis, hateful commentaries and every other degradating aspects related to an anime that I decided to start this blog. I don’t force a standard for good or bad, I simply try to enjoy what the anime has to offer me and write about it. Of course I think some animes are better than others, but I will always avoid comparisons in which something looks worse than the other.

So basically, all my posts will tell you about what it fells like watching that specific anime. It is based on my own feelings and experience so do never take it for granted. While most reviews are towards bad aspects, I focus on the good ones. I’m just trying to bring some balance in the world here, you guys know how people love to criticize but when it comes to praising…

As for myself, I’m a Computer Science undergraduate at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and aside from watching animes, I am also into TV series (Prison Break rulz) and FPS/RTS games. If you ever feel like getting pwned at DotA or CS, I’ll be happy to deliver that for you 🙂


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