Dog Days` 02-06

A squirrel can’t be this cute!

This anime is everything I thought it would be. Silly fights that end up with naked women – or dogs, rabbits and whatever animal you can think of – plus a good deal of moe and that catching atmosphere of happiness. These are my weaknesses, and to top it all they have included a new loli for my enjoyment. I can’t ask for anything else.

So, the first thing I want to mention is, of course, Rebecca becoming a mage for the Pastillage nation. What the hell was that transformation? What’s up with Kuberu riding a magical carpet that looks like something inspired in Mario Kart + Aladin? Whatever, I liked it and I want to see more of these two.

Good manners? Who cares about that anyway when there’s a lovely little puppy laying on your lap?

I don’t have a lot to comment about the episodes 02-05 because… nothing too important happened. I mean, their fights were only for entertainment purposes, so there wasn’t any real meaning to them. The only relevance I’ve seen so far is that Rebecca did some fancy stuff like defeating both Shinku and Nanami. That’s why I love mages.

OK I’ll comment on the episode where Shinku, Noir, Eclair and Yukikaze went on a training camp. Some people don’t like Eclair because she’s always tsun. If you’re one of those, please get the fuck out of my planet. Do you know how hard it is for a dog like her to do the things she did late that night? She was actually honest with her feelings, caressed Shinku on the head and let him sleep on her lap. Just give her a break already.

The sixth episode was something else entirely. They managed to elevate the level of awesomeness to a point where I can’t find words to describe it. A pervert demon to tease fight those girls? Genius. He’s gonna do everything Shinku doesn’t, and this is just great. I only hope he stays for a few more episodes.

Rainbows came out of my mouth when I watched this scene.

Besides that, we had some participation from the Genoise girls, and I still can’t decide which one I like better. Maybe Vert, I have a thing for girls like her. Also, Yukikaze and her awesome underwear, Millhiore infinite level of cuteness and a nice scene of Nanami trying to caress Gaul. I didn’t know male cats could be gay, that’s a shame.

This show is trying to give me weird fetishes. Stop it already. Wait, don’t or you won’t be awesome anymore. Seriously, Millhiore wearing lingerie jumping on the bed to thank a heroic act while swinging that lovely tail and being incredibly cute? I am trying to resist, but it’s getting harder and harder. The situation, of course.


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