Oda Nobuna no Yabou 02-06

This slow-mo scene was simply awesome. Over 9000 points to you.

Here I was thinking this anime would be crap… Holy fuck, what a great animation. I’m truly amazed, everything is just so pretty and detailed that I often skip back and watch some scenes again. Also, those women are simply stunning, I can’t even pick my favourite. The story overall isn’t bad either, although some things are still left unexplained. But to be honest, I don’t really care.

The atmosphere isn’t as heavy as you’d expect from times of constant war, but I like it this way. The relationship between the monkey and all the girls is developing nicely, and he’s a far better harem protagonist than most other guys. His personality is the one of a pervert, which is awesome, and Nobuna is a fine tsun bitch. Thumbs up for all my lolis out there, you’re awesome too.

I won’t write much about these five episodes because I don’t know anything regarding the Sengoku Period or anything related to japanese history for the matter. Basically, there was a bunch of wars and decisive talks about alliances and stuff, which means that the historical approach really matters here. In short, we have the following equation: plot + harem + comedy + lolis = epic win.


3 thoughts on “Oda Nobuna no Yabou 02-06

  1. Actually the show is pretty smartly written. But that’s the beauty of this show, you can choose to enjoy it on different levels. You could watch it as a straight moe show, a romance show or a historical one. Love this so far!

    • I’m enjoying it on all levels. It’s impossible to get tired of this anime, every episode has history, romance, action and comedy. And all of this supported by an animation that I dare to say: it’s the best you’ll find during this summer season.

      Also, those lolis are killing my inner lolicon. That service right after Inuchiyo finds Hanbei hidden in the wall almost killed me.

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