Accel World 13-16

For some reason I always laugh at this scene.

I know it’s been a while but hey, six translation projects + dealing with university stuff is just overwhelming. Someone’s gotta suffer, and sadly the chosen one was my beloved blog… I’m sorry bro. Or should I say sis? I mean, this is obviously a blog owned by a lolicon, there’s no reason why I should refer to it as a disgusting male character. Cute lolis are the true path towards salvation.

So, now I’m gonna talk about four episodes in a row, god knows how I’ll manage to do it without making you give up on reading by the fourth paragraph, if you didn’t give up already. Let’s get to them.

Holy fuck, this should be enough heal for a whole month.

The 13th episode was the one where Chiyu installed the Brain Burst from Taku, and I must say… FINALLY! I was tired or listening to her bitching about them playing the game, taking it too seriously, bla bla bla you don’t give me enough attention bla bla bla I want us to go back to the way we were bla bla bla.

One thing that I did like was her special healing ability. Healers are always the most fucked up role in any game, but it might suit her just right as she doesn’t seem to be the aggressive kind of girl. Err… I mean, she isn’t the kind of girl who harms people physically. I’m sure her healing skills and love for Haru will be put to good use sometime.


Also, I must comment the part where Haru thought about food when Snow Black asked him what he wanted from her trip. Seriously, food? At least he managed to think about the right choice after trying three times, but… Freaking pig, she wants you, wake up and just tap it already.

For the next episode, they were trying to find out who was the Accelerator who started to attend their school. The strongest clue was Noumi, the new student who beat Taku at kendo, and they were right. I mean, did anyone even doubted that? It was clear to me he had some personality issues from the start.

Attitude. I like that.

Well, the whole episode was a mess just so Haru could be sure about something obvious. But he took so long that Noumi had enough time to prepare a trap for him and Chiyu. I think Haru deserved it just because he’s gay, but don’t ever threat my Chiyu, you fucking bastard. Don’t blackmail her and don’t call her your pet.

Also, thumbs up for the shower scene, it just confirms what I said about Haru: he is gay. Chiyu had no problem in thinking quick to hide piggy with her beautiful naked body, and I’m sure he didn’t even jerk off late that night. For that, you deserved to receive pictures of food instead of Snow Black enjoying the beach. Damn you…

I knew it! Silver Crow will never be on top.

This lead us to the 15th episode, where Haru fights Noumi in the Accelerated World. Honestly, I didn’t like how Silver Crow lost his wings.The battle wasn’t something planned at all, those skeletons conveniently trapped him just so he could lose the fight. In normal conditions, he would beat the crap out of Dusk Taker.

Following this scene, he cried like a baby with Chiyu and had an argument with Taku (nice punch by the way). The whole situation was serious and tense, but here I was, laughing the whole time. I mean, Taku said out loud he would be OK if Chiyu chose Haru instead of him… LOSER!

Pixels… Why do you like them so much, Japan?

The last scene was Silver Crow fighting Ash Roller just so we could make sure he is a whiny baby. Thankfully, Ash is a nice guy and decided to help him, surprising many people who tought he would be just a troll riding a motorcycle. Well, it’s not like I’m wrong about it or anything.

This was the premise for the next episode, where Ash takes Crow to visit his parent. The guy who can’t fly anymore meeting the girl who in the past jumped so high she could almost fly… Definitely something good would come out of it.

Bow before your master.

With Sky Raker, he learned how to use the power of his imagination to do things in the Accelerated World otherwise impossible, or at least he believed so. Most part of the episode was him training to use his imagination and put this skill to good use. After all, he needs some advantage to face the Dusk Taker and recover his wings.

We also learned that Sky Raker had Black Lotus as her best friend in the past, and the biggest mistake of her life was to defy that relationship. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but it would be nice to see them together once more because Sky Raker seems like a pretty damn strong player. I want to see the Nega Nebulous raping the shit out of everyone in the Accelerated World.

Phew, enough already. Just one last thing: I loved the new OP and ED. Seriously, that ED… Looking good there, Snow Black. Singles when?


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