Sakamichi no Apollon

Just doin’ some noise.

So, people said this anime was something about jazz. I’m no expert on the subject of music but there were some drums, piano, sax and stuff being played practically on every single episode. This tells just half of the story though, the anime has a lot more to offer than good music.

The other half would be the relationship between Kaoru, Sentaro, Ritsuko and the people around them, mainly Junichi and Yurika. Like any good josei anime, their relationship is incredibly complicated and described in details, always trying to make you feel the characters’ emotions in your skin. And I must say, it worked with me.

That moment when you’re so happy you make a fool of you and your friends in public.

I’ll try to clarify a little bit of this complication. First, Ritsuko and Sentaro are friends since always and do everything together, from going to the church to attending the same school. Their friendship is so strong that makes you wonder if they are really just friends or if there’s something else going on between them.

Kaoru is a problematic guy, he suffers from bullies no matter what school he attends… And he just transferred to the same school, the same classroom as Sentaro and Ritsuko. The thing is, pretty much everyone thinks that Sentaro is a bully because he is always getting into fights, and of course he’s gonna mess with Kaoru.

This is more than just a slope.

The truth is, Sentaro is not a bully, rather he is such a nice person that he gets into fights just to help other people, I guess you could say he fits the role of an anti-hero. Despite his bad reputation, Kaoru gets to know his true personality and a great friendship is born with someone he least expected.

Of course this is just a scratch of what their relationship truly is. I didn’t even mention how Yukari and Junichi fit the whole story, how Ritsuko and Kaoru are confused about their feelings for each other or how Sentaro has problems with his absent father. There is also Seiji, a guy from their classroom who is responsible for some problems between Sentaro and Kaoru.

Herp derp.

Well, I watched everything and I don’t regret spending my time on it. But I won’t lie, I didn’t like what Yukari did to Sentaro and how the last episode was put together… Maybe I felt that things didn’t happen the way I wanted them to. After all, I was rooting for things to go well with them, but sometimes life is surely an unpleasant bitch.

The animation didn’t bother me, but if you have problems with something out of the ordinary, this might be a challenge. It’s simple yet you don’t feel like there is anything missing from a scene. Also, you will agree with me that the animation of them playing instruments is pretty damn good, it feels like the real thing.

Fuck da police, we jazz in church.

I can’t even start to describe the musical aspect, this is an anime about music and if you enjoy jazz or if you are simply the kind of person who listens to anything, you will surely like it. I’ve already said that I’m no pro, but I can tell they’ve put some effort into both picking the songs and animating their performances. Also, music is kind of their bond.

If you’re into the sort of story that portrays reality in great detail, you can’t go wrong with this anime. Also, this is not exclusively about school life, so you can expect a variety of events to happen, from cultural festivals to girls acting completely out of the ordinary and love confessions. I just can’t guarantee you will like how things will turn out in the end, though.


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